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Maryrose as in www.mmmango.com
Maryrose is definitely Mango.
автор: Mrose 21 июля 2003
Extension of the word mang.
Check out that chick, mango.
автор: bob 7 апреля 2003
I love mangoes
автор: fleeber 4 февраля 2012
A loyal friend, despite his whipped-ness. Short and stocky with flaming red hair and beard. And although he may be whipped, he is incredibly manly due to his abundance of facial hair and boxing skills. Also goes by the name, the Ginga Ninja.
"Who's that leprechaun, fuckin shit up?"
"That's just Mango."
автор: The one and only one and only 29 ноября 2011
Throwing items at people for any of the following purposes: a) to express frustration, anger or annoyance b) to get people's asses into gear.
Do you want me to come over and mango your husband for being an ass?

That guy at the press conference in Iraq totally mangoed his shoe at George Bush!
автор: Anna & Somaya 15 апреля 2011
a word used to guarantee a promise.
joseph: "noah have you seen the snake??"
noah: "no... i have not..."
kevin: "your lying noah.."
joseph:"noah mango it..."
noah: "shit i lied!"
автор: N,K,J,S 25 января 2011
Someone who's Awesome. Just like a Mango.
What's up Mango?
автор: Kizznez 31 августа 2010