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Produced in Germany, this Bavarian wonder was concocted for hobbits with inclinations for podiatric balding; equipped with a cork bottom it not only keeps a hobbit's feet stylish, but protected.
It's not the size of the merkinstocks that matters, it's how you use them.
Those is some dank 'stocks.
автор: Clayton Sullivan 15 февраля 2004

Слова, связанные с Merkinstock

birkenstock birkenstocks fablulous fashion merk merkgear merkin merkle merkmania merkmen
Similar to Birkenstocks, Merkinstocks are sandals made from pubic wigs. They are designed to warm the feet and provide a unique new look for the fashionable individual.
"Becky, check out Ashley's Merkinstocks."

"I know! They're so flashy! What a whore!"
автор: MtnDewGuy 3 марта 2013