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one that teaches respect
mom mom taught me to always call my waiters by their first name, because it shows that you respect them
автор: mmbff 16 мая 2010

Слова, связанные с MomMom

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The best name for a grandmother EVER. My MomMom will never be forgotten or ever replaced! My mother is now a MomMom and my daughter's first word... you guessed it!; "MomMom" :-)
"I Love My MomMom".... Rhondda Lee Favreau.... my heart will go on only because you're there <3
автор: LannurannHeannly 3 февраля 2010
A grandmother. Also known as the mother of your parents.
"your mom mom makes the best apple pie."
автор: NEphilly 8 января 2005