Top Definition
An obsessive fan, of the obsessivly amazing British band MUSE.
Hey, have you heard the new Muse song???

What a dumb fucking question to ask a muser
автор: Baron Von Kevin 2 октября 2007
A bunch of people who lip sync their way to fame 😂🙄
me: musers have no talent
автор: Lynne's 14 августа 2016
A cringey teenage kid who makes 15 second lip syncing videos for a living.
you are a really cringey Muser
автор: Natalie Lynn 9 августа 2016
Someone who makes musical.lys on the app
" Omg Tessa.bear is my favorite muser she's a great dancer, really nice to her fans and makes greats musical.lys"
автор: Hay07 23 мая 2016
Someone who makes lip syncing videos on
I am a muser and a youtuber
автор: Honeybea 17 июня 2016
Someone how makes lip syncing videos on
I am a muser and a YouTuber
автор: Honeybea 17 июня 2016
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