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Not Of Legitimate Meaning; Any freaking noun or verb.
That was freaking NOLM man!!!
автор: Mega91 19 декабря 2005
114 26
No Official Legitimate Meaning.
All you guys are freaking out about NOLM, it has NOLM.
автор: kevinthedude555 20 декабря 2005
54 30
The vestibule only makes useless acronyms that have no meaning. omgwtfbbq what it really means though is LMNP which means Lick my Nutz Please
That is so NOLM. Tookie NOLM FTW.
автор: persiansown 19 декабря 2005
11 1
Internet acronym originating from the vesti, it means: No One Loves Me.
I had to bump the thread three times. I was nolm'd.

I wanted to talk to them, but NOLM.
автор: Omnivus 19 декабря 2005
64 73
An acronym for No One Likes Mineo.
Mineo sucks.NOLM , LOL.
автор: imalumberjak 20 декабря 2005
19 61