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noun: short for nacho brothers, word coined my hit television show "Scrubs" meaning two men who share a bond because one shared his leftover bar food, like nachos, with another.
Under normal circumstances that would've hurt my feelings but because we are nachbros it's ok.
автор: Straz 616 1 декабря 2009

Слова, связанные с Nachbros

friends bar bond bros brothers buddies cheese drink food males men nachbro nacho nachos scrubs share turk
|nä ch brō| noun ( pl. -chos) A male friend who shares a plate of bar nachos.
"We shared a plate of nachos, we're 'nachbros'. (as heard on TV episode "Our Drunk Friend" Scrubs Episode, 2009
автор: AskDavid 12 января 2010