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Refering to a sexual act with the corpse of another human being.
Although Kenny didn't know that his first sexual experience was considered necrophilia, he was sure glad his parents gave him a shovel for Christmas.
автор: Reginald Whattabone 6 октября 2003
691 219
Inter-course with a dead corpse, enjoyed by many, remember the body stays warm for up to 3 hours after death occurs, so that still almost counts as being alive, and its especially fun when rigamortis kicks in its like being strapped into the buggy on a mouse trap ride at blackpool. And if your partner dies during sex and you've almost came its ok to finsh off.
I love necrophilia, but i cant stand the awkward silences.
автор: Comero 13 февраля 2004
1283 550
greek: dead-love
one who derives sexual pleasure from cadavers
Necrophilia: Cause dead chicks cant say no!
автор: Wouter 13 марта 2003
554 199
Necrophila The urge to crack open a cold one.
Having sexual intercoruse with a dead person.
автор: matt w 15 февраля 2005
479 199
What possible reason could you have for looking this up?
Necrophilia? Your mom worries about you.
автор: R.Volcano 2 сентября 2006
314 102
An attraction of an erotic sense to the idea or act of sexual contact with dead bodies.
Betty hangs out at the mortuary every weekend.. I'm thinking she's a necrophiliac or something.
автор: TFS 5 июня 2005
256 103
The act of intercourse on a deceased creature. Not always human or female. Necrophilia is usually the result of childhood truama or the lust for absolute control. necrophiliac, necropedophile
your dad does necrophilia
автор: Gumba Gumba 20 февраля 2004
177 98