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A word used when you don't know what word to use.
I just negged on your sisters prohole
автор: Negular 16 января 2011
15 13
Slang for the word "no"
-"Yo do you want to watch tv?"
- "Negs"
автор: 'Rhyminest C 15 марта 2009
14 12
The "slang" way photographers call their negatives.
Holy bejesus! You're able to develop large format negs in 30 minutes!? no wai!!
автор: Kodiac1 14 сентября 2007
13 11
1. Abreviation for negative. Often used by:

a)Online gamers.

b)The gay community, refering to HIV negative, opposite to POZ.

a) "Are you camping at bombsite A?" "neg, camping at bombsite b."

b) "neg seeks neg for long term relationship"
автор: bobbybenke 15 июня 2006
22 20
Video game slang meaning that you have more deaths than kills, word is short for negative.
Paul- Not a bad game for me... What about you Tony.
Tony- That game was so bad, i went neg.
автор: RobBob1892 21 сентября 2011
6 6
Negative compliment that throws a pretty woman off their game
"You show up at a club in something distinctive, scope out your target and toss out some negs"

Eg. Normally I'm not turned on by big teeth but on you they work
автор: Interpellate 18 июля 2010
38 38
An extremely cooler way to say "negative".
You- "Hey, did homeboy ever get back to you about that blow?"

Me- "Negs.""
автор: shawtyyayykayy 26 ноября 2013
0 1