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Noun. Literally meaning a negro of the human species. Slightly more intelligent than the traditional nigger. And unlike niggers, negrosapiens share DNA with fully developed humans.
"Yo i gotta go, peace out negrosapien!"

"Check out this negrosapien rolling up in a Cadillac."

"Don't insult my intelligence, For Christs sake I'm a negrosapien not a damn gorilla."
автор: Saint Professor Paradox III 29 сентября 2009

Слова, связанные с Negrosapien

negro black blues ebony homosapien human imaracist jazz nba nobama notivory sapien seven smartnigger
black person xpressing instinctual superiority in the fields of academia, sports, or music.
dwight howard is a fuckin negrosapien!
автор: arttatum32 5 мая 2010