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A word to respond to something shocking or unexpected, or something you really dont care about.
Often replied with a comeback, "Shit no"
A: OMFG! I found some mexicans snorting coke inside the freezer of apple bee's!
B: No shit??
A: Shit no!

A:Dude your car rides and handles great!
B:Thats exactly what your mom told me last night.
A:No shit?
B:Shit no!!
автор: Xent 29 ноября 2005
15 15
Used to express contemptuous acknowledgment of the obvious.
Person 1: Saddam Hussein's fuckin dead
Person 2: No shit
автор: anonymous 31 марта 2003
782 112
Expression said to people who state the obvious.
No shit, Captain Obvious!
автор: Patti 12 июля 2003
323 98
A witty but slightly over-used comeback when someone states the obvious. Works well when someone is making fun of themselves to be funny. Responding with "No shit" makes them feel appropriatly stupid.
Dude 1 - "Haha I'm such a sped!"
Dude 2 - "No shit."
*Dude 1 tries to think of a comeback*
Dude 1 - "...So, how 'bout them Red Sox?"
автор: i am so cool. 17 ноября 2004
275 94
To affirm as in "no really?" but in a sarcastic, slightly insulting way.
No shit, sherlock.
автор: smaq 22 февраля 2003
240 76
1. An expression used to state the obvious.
2. Not owning or possesing something.
Man: *Cough *Cough *Cough
Woman: Sounds like you got a nasty cough!
Man: Yeah? No Shit!

Man 1: I need money!
Man 2: I have no shit on me.
автор: niftymatt 16 октября 2005
165 62
One of those miraculous phrases that makes the English language great. Depending on how it is said, can signify either genuine suprise or annoyance with the obvious.

First case: often said slowly, emphasizing each word and with "shit" often raised slightly. = "You don't say"

Second case: usually said quickly and without as much emphasis, for you really just want to get on with your life and not listen to this fucktard anymore
Yeah no shit tell me something I don't know.
автор: ToastedBread 6 июля 2011
81 16
Stating the obvious
Girl: We got our hair done!
Other Girl: No shit!
автор: SakuraSaku 2 июня 2007
61 24