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1. Synonym for noob and newb when you don't know which of the two it is.

2. Player who acts brainless in an online skill-based game.

3. Player who is NOT part of the vital few. See also Pareto principle or the 80-20 rule.
In public servers it can usually be said that:
20% of players in a team count for 80% of the win.
80% of players in a team count for only 20% of the win.
Those 80% are noodles.

Origin: Noob --> Nood --> Noodle
Some languages' speakers have difficulties pronouncing noob or newb. To make the words flow better, the word is changed to nublar, noodel, noedel, nuddle, noodle...
Alf: That pubstar is roadkilling all my noodles
Ben: It's their fault for not thinking when they cross the street

Charlie: Man, their team sucks so bad
Dan: Yeah, they're all noodles

Ed: We need 50 kills to win and I got 15!
Frank: You're not a noodle then!
автор: Don Zardeone 1 августа 2009
29 31
the act of inserting a noodle into the beverage of a friend when he/she is not paying attention, so as to cause frustration and embarrassment. Especially effective when used in an alcoholic beverage later in the evening and when used multiple times.
Man, we noodled the hell out of Jon last night. By the eleventh time he was so embarrassed!
автор: IAmBoosh 21 апреля 2009
1 3
To hit someone in their private parts (Regardless of gender).

Victim usually responds with an :O face
You got noodled!

My balls almost imploded yesterday when Harry noodled me.

Daniel is SO good at noodling!
автор: smokeeeeeeeee 29 января 2009
4 6
Weak string-like little arms that shake and quiver under strain during weight room activities.
Look at Jesse's noodles going crazy while he's trying to bench.
автор: Yamy152 30 июля 2008
5 7
Verb: To use a musical instrument to play around with the musical notes in a song or jam.
Grab your ax and I'll hit the skins and we can noodle around for a bit.

I don't like jam bands becuase there is too much noddling. Just play a SONG!
автор: Emafer 21 июля 2008
14 16
blown out pussy lips
a noodle that sags atleast 3inches or more
автор: pussy pounder 25 декабря 2007
5 7
a noodle is someone who acts goofy. It can also mean someone who acts ditsy, retarded, brainless, gooberish, etc. It is simply someone with no common sense.
Tom Keffer is such a noodle.
автор: Denjamin 24 апреля 2006
72 74