One Take Session. To record a video or audio clip in one continuous take without any cuts.

Gabe Bondoc does many OTSs on youtube.
Gina: "I want people to know that I can actually sing well without studio effects and autotune."

Zack: "Then let's do an OTS of a song you want to sing and put it on our youtube channel."
автор: youmakemyslackstighter 10 июля 2010
Plain & simple - OTS is Off that Shit ! Or "on one".
Wow, look at him go ! He's OTS for sure !
автор: Jayare a.k.a. goo1z 27 мая 2007
On The Side

Meaning having a person on the side other than your significant other.
"Wow Mike is taking a very long lunch today with his OTS."
автор: infestacool 5 февраля 2009
Off the shits.

High as fuck
Fucked up
Boy we smoked 8 loud blunts, you know I was OTS .

MY nigga you off the shits

You off the shits breh

I'm tryna get ots . you wanna match ?
автор: Kiddoe Kwasiee 20 февраля 2014
автор: GORILLA PIMPIN 7 июня 2010
Off The Spectrum. Kinda like Off The Hook, or Off the Snuggies, but better because it's Spectrum. Usually refers to the visible light region of the electromagnetic spectrum.
This party is OTS!
автор: wizrdry 10 июня 2009
1. O.T.S
over the shoulders. when you got your chicks legs over your shoulders when you are boning her
lol some guy had O.T.S. as a definition but its not in the dictionary.
автор: DaY-NuH (DANA) 19 июля 2005

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