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One means mad respect or peace; usually used at the end of the sentence
"yo imma roll out, plannin on gettin me an oz fo me n my ho 2nite"
"aight one"
автор: bryan biscoe 23 октября 2006
12 6
beer. Origin: Homestar Runner. Often used after the word cold.
A One that is not Cold is hardly a One at all.
автор: c_thunder 12 марта 2003
39 33
The best Metallica song and the only number that is prime, but not prime.
1.One is the best!
2.One is the best!
автор: Detranova 29 июля 2003
24 19
An abbreviation of "one love". It's a cool way o end a conversation.
One love represents the love between the whole world. All races, everyone.

Guy A, "Yo mayn, what's good?"
Guy B, "Nuttin' much mayn, gotta bounce."
Guy A, "Aiight, One"
автор: Jay from da MIA 2 августа 2006
11 7
bye, one love
late dog, one.
автор: Anonymous 27 сентября 2003
16 12
catch ya later!
Eddie: aight man one!
Justin: One!
автор: naughtyspanker 6 января 2003
11 7
1.) To be completely lacking substance that makes the situation satisfactory
2.) Not up to par, Not as good as usual

Coined by Oak Brooke VA Boys-Big Lou, Gabe, Killa Cam, Vince, Big Kev(Kano)....The Coolest Niggas Living In Chesapeake
Big Kev: A yo Big Lou u finna run up on that yamp right there.
Big Lou: I don't kno Kane Loc my game ON E rite now
автор: Mr. Vicious 24 июня 2009
8 5