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A person who loves flirting and leading people on. They are really good at this because they are very good at changing and controlling variables in different scenarios. They "operate" the way things happen around in a way that benefits them.
Boy: Wow that girl is so hot!
Boy's Friend: You're such an operator you'll get her
Boy organizes several ways to "accidentally" on purpose meet her and be at the same place as her etc. Flirting like crazy all the while.
автор: supasecretbutterfly 9 марта 2011
16 18
Slang term for someone who is a member of a Spec Ops team.
Bjorn was an operator with the 10th group.
автор: mrPickles 6 сентября 2004
350 126
this guy also says, "main screen turn on."

also see
Operator: Main screen turn on.
автор: Susan 15 декабря 2003
79 51
The guy who says "we get signal"
Operator:we get signal
автор: Mr.Nemo 14 июня 2003
86 66
the man in charge, the man who gets things done, more like the main man.
She's the operator in that team, the whole town knows it
автор: the-operator 30 июня 2010
21 23
when you are hooking up with a girl i.e. "slammin that ass" and you reach down to grab her cell phone and you call her dad so he can hear you hooking up with his daughter. (voicemails work best)
Guy 1: Dude, i totally pulled the operator move on julie last night and now her dad is pissed!

Guy 2: Sucks dude. Want to get a beer?
автор: Ol'WiseOne 5 декабря 2011
14 26
a girl who gets things done, efficiently and effectivly. normally a girl with a large attitude and highly arrogant
" she walked into the party and got with the guy she wanted to, with in an hour. they said she was an operator"
автор: hore rider 6 сентября 2009
11 25