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Awsome guitar company founded by Charles Kamen of Kamen music corparation. They mainley build acoustic guitars,but they have done many electric guitars such as the oddly-shaped Breadwinner and Deacon. Some of the acoustic models they did are the Adams,Legend,and Classical 1613,and many more.
Here's some Notable users of Ovation Guitars:
John Lennon
Jimmy Page
Yngwie Malmsteen
Roger Waters
David Gilmour
Robert Fripp
Ace Frehley
Adriane Legg
Steve Lukather
Cat Stevens
Jim Croce

and many, many more!
автор: ROCKYOUBOT! 31 мая 2010

Слова, связанные с Ovation

standing ovation applause standing clapping dick plaudits
Taking something to the highest acclaim.
I love Ovations
автор: C Wade 14 октября 2008