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A complete mispelling of an already mispelled word....pwned. People only use this spelling of the word when they are trying to be extra-retarded.
"I powned Jameel in Counterstrike"
"Your momma got powned last night"
автор: JameelVega 4 октября 2005
777 235
The incorrect way to pronounce "pwned". The actual way to pronounce it is "pawned", as the O is being REPLACED by the P, as opposed to being latched on to the front of the word.
Guy 1: You got powned!
Guy 2: It's pawned or pwned..
автор: 5449 2 июня 2009
579 371
Player owned, Killed, destroyed, sniped, Beat down,
Dude, you were so P'owned by that sniper
автор: Funnyjunk2012 13 июня 2007
16 8
To smack someone with your dick. Mainly across the face. then instantly saying powned.
*smacks guy with dick* you say "POWNED!".
автор: Derikk 13 августа 2008
232 225
An Arabic term used to describe a punch from your Uncle.
Was that your uncle? Dude, you got POW-NED!
автор: WebsterLewis 14 ноября 2013
1 0
When your ballsack smacks against someones forehead.
Bitch, you just got powned!!!
автор: Justin 28 мая 2004
229 228
The grammatically correct way to spell or say pwned or powned without being leet.
It can stand for player owned, or in the case of p-ownage, possibly pure ownage.
"I am teh p-ownage."
автор: Nighthamster 22 сентября 2004
17 32