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Quite possibly the shittiest station on television, which devoured TBS and proceeded to mutate into the most unpleasant media experience to infect the earth. Plagued by 20-minute commercial breaks, overenthusiastic censoring, and terrible shows, it will make you want to send a 9-iron through your TV screen.
Guy 1: I had to break my flat-screen yesterday because I accidentally flipped it to Peachtree TV.
Guy 2: Yeah, that happened to me last week.
автор: concernedViewer 12 декабря 2010

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dumbass' faggots fucking gay horrible idiots losers paechtree peachtree shit sux television tv
a gay channel that took over TBS and TBS Is Funnier Then Peachtree TV
Peachtree TV Sux
автор: Seagulls Of Santa!!! 14 августа 2008