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Bare peckish (extremely peckish)
the feeling between peckishness and hunger.
person 1: " I'm peckish"
person 2: "mate i'm pear"
person 1: "you should sort that out, get ya self some rice."
person 2: "rad"
автор: Chloerosie 1 августа 2011
so much better than apples.
i went to the store and i bought some apples. when i got home, i wondered why i didn't buy pears instead.
автор: edgar sanchez 24 марта 2004
The number that comes between seven and eight.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, pear, eight, nine, ten!
автор: PolarPop 7 июня 2012
a female with no boobs and a huge butt.

Jenie is such a pear because she has no boobs but her butt is huge
автор: nielly 9 марта 2007
I noticed no one actually posted the real slang meaning of Pear. Saying something is pear or something went pear refers to "pear-shaped", see the definition for it (the first is accurate). Something that goes pear is something that goes terribly wrong. British/Ireland.
I just lost my job my life is gonna go pear now. or: I just lost my job my life is pear-shaped now.
автор: Ian Skinner 7 апреля 2008
a toad lke emo lke creature which can be found by listening for a sliep sliep sound
pears is an emo sliep sliep
автор: sharkey lowe 10 июля 2008
The word 'pear' is a synonym/euphemism of the word 'penis.' This is evident in the fact that the word 'pear' is actually an acronym for 'PENISES in EARS ARE REALLY weird.'
Also, when analyzing and pondering upon the shape of a penis in tandem with the two testicles, one beholds a shape that is very similar to a pear's.
In addition, one can derive the word 'pear' from the popular breakfast chain, 'Panera Bread'. As is readily available to one's vision, the word 'Panera' is no more then a scrambled version of the words 'Pear n a.' BreaD, then, can be found to translate into 'beavir', as the v tilted sideways crossed by the 'i' makes a 'D'. In this case, we then have 'Pear n a Beavir'.
'Dogg, your pear was as big as mine when I was a baby'
"Nah, son, my pear was as big as YOU when you were a baby"
'Damn, son, that's like a 8-pound pear.....'
автор: pear-man 22 июля 2008