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A condition that some MEN and only Men possess. Often mistaken for Genetal Herpes or Genetal Warts. A ring of small bumps will be found around the corona of the penis head. Can also be found on the shaft of the Penis in groupings. Perfectly harmless. They are a random genetic condition that are NOT medically dangerous or Contageous. Perfectly normal condition that around 1/3 of men possess. The shortening is PPP.
"I noticed I had some small bumps on my penis, so I went to the doctor to have it checked out. He said it was Pearly Penile Papules. He said it was perfectly normal and there was nothing to worry about."
автор: Bofe1234 21 января 2008

Слова, связанные с Pearly Penile Papules

penis bumps dick fringe glans head bumps papules pearly penile pleasure bumps ppp ppp's uncircumcised white things
These are normal small white bumps that sometimes occur around the rim of the head of the penis on uncircumcised guys. They call them "pleasure bumps" and say they are really sensitive.
автор: dillaboi6 3 января 2012