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A feline mammal usually having no fur and no ability to roar.

You can not pet a pussette because it's dangerous.

A Pussette's diet consists mainly of cheese.

Male Pussettes are considerd endangered; due to the fact that the female pussette eats the male post mating.
M: I missed my Pussette.

P: Sounds like a personal problem.
автор: patty_pussette 8 января 2010

Слова, связанные с Pussette

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Tall, clumsy, large forehead-ed individual with dumb looking blond hair and an unusual habit for hitting on ladies with large biceps and broad shoulders.
Pussette: "Yo, check out the cameltoe on that broad!"

Jimaul: "Looks more like a mooseknuckle."
автор: Ronster the Monster 15 июля 2009