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The level of ratchetness one can achieve.
"Those two hoes walking in the mall...such ratchetity!"


"Your ratchetity has gone up since you came to a HBCU!"
автор: Flo-Rider 8 марта 2014

Слова, связанные с Ratchetity

ratchet ghetto hoe bitch slut ugly whore nasty dirty twerk hood gross skank thot stupid booty ass sex swag trashy
(Noun) the quality of being ratchet or performing ratchet acts
1. In a store somebody drinks a pop off the shelf and then leaves behind the empty bottle, without paying.

"That's straight up ratchetity"

2. You see a girl wearing booty shorts and a crop-top, fishnets and uggs.

"Is she hot or cold? I can't tell."
"I don't know, but that outfit is the definition of ratchetity!"
автор: apriljustintvviakylara 9 марта 2014