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Scottish name nobody can spell
Hi my names Ruaridh

автор: Rudrico 27 ноября 2003
157 46
Technological god, master of the universe, totally awesome, the sun, the shine, the legend, the mister know of everything, attractive, outgoing, know's the universe.
In the begging god said let there be light!!!
Subsequantly, Ruaridh could of been his real name.
автор: theomega 6 марта 2008
89 64
the 2nd most alcoholic st andrews student
hey, hows ruaridh?
oh, he's really wasted, but not as bad as fiona
автор: john brown 3 августа 2004
48 41
a little bitch
'Ruaridh close that door', 'ruaridh get me a seat'
автор: Alana 15 января 2004
29 67