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The act of tongue-fucking an anus while simultaneously making fencing, or other sword-fighting maneuvers, with the recipients penis. Typically done while the recipient is standing.
This allows for Rusty Sword Fights.
Yeah, while I love Jen and all, she's more of a Trombone player, while Phil is a natural Rusty Sword Technician, I think I'm going to choose him for the Rusty Sword Tournament coming up.
автор: Samael11 10 октября 2012

Слова, связанные с Rusty Sword

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Dried, yet stilled brown, dog shit, found lying on the lawn or side of a footpath.
"AAAAH! Rusty sword!"

"e.. GAD!"
автор: Bastardized Bottomburp 25 марта 2003