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My best friend.
Salt, your amazing.
автор: MorganKassySam 24 октября 2008
2 12
A user on Gaia Online known for his amazing personality and charm. A comedic guy who gets along with pretty much anybody. To find him, check the Avatar Talk subforum. He is the boyfriend of Pepper] and the best friend of Oregano].
"Salt stopped by and amazed me with his awesomeness."
автор: Labtech X 14 марта 2005
9 19
Used slang term for LSD.
That's one salty hippie!
автор: fenrir 17 июля 2005
3 14
Salt, sperm, or semen of male or female.
That girl's salt was nasty, it was dripping down my leg as I penetrated her.
автор: Barry AKA Lost 23 ноября 2004
5 16
well said, right on the money: a major shut-off, diss or put-down, or when someone says something particularly self-depricating or funny. To be said in a loud voice: "Saaaaaaaaaaaaalt"
After someone says something HILARIOUS, one might say "SAAAAAAAALT". Not to be repeated of course. Often used in an ironic tone.
автор: Dana 22 мая 2003
2 13
meaning a man or woman who lookin totally fake thinking they is king shit, but really is only an ass.
Shelby Larenze is salt melissa haha think he shit... hell no
автор: suzie 31 мая 2003
1 13
good lookin guy
hey Girl, that guys a salt
автор: Jimbo Mango Tree 14 мая 2003
5 22