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Seattle Hip-Hop producer
J-Dubbie, Young Buck, The Originals, S.A.T.
автор: ByThePound 21 сентября 2009
2 4
Standard Ass Titties. Usually B cup.
Jack: "Maggie over there is at least a B cup."
Bill: "Yea man, she has got some straight SATs."
автор: The Jug Tuggler 26 июня 2010
6 9
An abbreviation for " Sorry about that sir "
I contacted a local business and asked a question.
The person who answered the phone apologised and said " Wouldn't have a clue, sats "
автор: Stias 9 сентября 2005
8 12
An acronym for the expression "Sick Ass Tits" which is an expression for something that is cool, or interesting.
"Jay's new truck is SAT!"
"That touchdown was so SAT!"
автор: SATkevinD 27 мая 2009
4 12
Stupid Ass Trick
tell yo girl she's a SAT
автор: D Ollie 10 июля 2008
5 17
Sublimely Assinine Test
I failed the S-A-T verbal section...i spelled my name wrong
автор: Bendizzle 1 сентября 2005
5 18
a slang term for a care bear (from the tv show)
today i saw a sats walking down the street
автор: brianpeppers 13 декабря 2005
1 15