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Standard British Handful. As in a handful of breasts....
Man, she's got to be at least an SBH 2.5!
автор: joediddly 3 декабря 2004
An acronym for "Stank-booty ho"; used to describe someone who emits an offensive odor.
Ugh, have you ever had to stand behind Valerie? She's such an sbh.
#stank-booty ho #bo #stank booty ho #stank #ripe #stinky #dirty #fart #nasty #nasty wasty
автор: rynderzzz 6 августа 2011
A way cool place that I wish I went to. That first definition wasn't from me :P
SBHS people are so much cooler than TJ people
автор: -actually lauren caldwell 31 октября 2003
An acronym for stank-booty ho, which can be used to describe anyone you dislike.
I hate Valerie! She is such an sbh.
#bitch #stank booty ho #ho #rude #awful #wrong #jerk
автор: rynderzzz 7 августа 2011
Some Bitch, huh?
what? she said that? sbh
автор: jopackage 11 мая 2016
Sweaty Butt Hole

Ex: Result of excessive sweating with hairy gooch.
"Dude dave i had such a bad SBH from working out."

"The hair on my ass is causing an SBH every time i walk."

"Dude every time i look in the mirror and pull my butt cheeks apart and look at my hairy gooch i see sweat dripping down from my SBH"
#gooch #hairy #butthole #shocker #dude #mirror.
автор: Call Me SBH 30 апреля 2010
Stone bridege high school is off the shizzo-my-nizzo yo...y'know what i be saying. Keep it real
it be like the skits up the heezy mafeezy in SBHS
автор: Lauren Caldwell 31 мая 2003
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