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Song. Of. The. Day
SOTD Often used in status messages on aim to express how a song made them feel or what song they were thinking about the whole day.
автор: RedX aka Ender 15 января 2009
65 14
song of the day. or u can change the "D" to "W" for week.. or what ever u like.
S.O.T.D. maxwell -pretty wings

song of the day
автор: yungsmoove808 aim wave 30 июля 2009
8 2
Scrub of the Day
That fool falling down the mountain must be the SOTD.
автор: Magic MINI 23 декабря 2010
8 12
A failure,poser,someone that talks a lot of shit and that never happens

Someone that brags
Band: We will be performing really really soon! Be ready

10 years later

Guy : you guys are such an SOTD!
автор: Pancualeksss 2 ноября 2010
4 14