Same shit, different day
Joe: "Hey man, how's it going?"
Sam: "Oh, fine I guess. SSDD!"
#amazing #shitty #drudgery #boring routine #fml
автор: Julesofwisdom 12 июля 2013
Top Definition
"Same Shit, Different Day" Derived from Stephen King's book (Now a movie), "Dreamcatcher".
"Hey, Beav'. How are ya?"
"You know, SSDD."
автор: Blacklist 5 апреля 2004
"Same shit, different day" from Stephen King's The Dreamcatcher
"So how've you been lately?"
"You know... ssdd"
автор: Meg 14 февраля 2005
John: whats up man?
James: not much ssdd
автор: The LoSeR 4 октября 2003
Same Shit, Different Day.
Question: How is your day going?

Reply: SSDD.
#boring #dull #lackluster #frustrating #redundent.
автор: Muscle 23 июля 2006
Abbreviation of
"Same Shit Different Day"
Used to say that there is nothing new
or there is no news. This word is used
usually by bored people whose lives are quite uneventful.
sup dude?
ssdd as always.
автор: Biker 11 февраля 2005
Same Shit, Different Day
автор: Anonymous 19 ноября 2002
same shit different day
nothing new ever happens to me, it's all ways ssdd
автор: jason cohen 28 октября 2003
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