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When two lesbians rub and slap their vaginas all over one another.
Wow! Suzy sure salmon slapped Jean last night!
автор: Giselle&Pina 1 мая 2005

Слова, связанные с Salmon Slap

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When two lesbians have abnormally large labia which are slapped against each other's faces.
Paul:'Hey Jenny, why is your face all red and smells like tuna?' Jenny:'Vera and I both have unusually large labia, thus, she salmon slapped me this morning with them'
автор: Gizzy 2 мая 2005
When a young woman is in the spawning area and is suddenly slapped across the face with a slippery dick.
Jared salmon slapped the shit outta Johanna the other night while I was in jail.
автор: Smokedaweed 4 апреля 2006