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another way of saying steroids, aslo known as juice but, sauce is a more italian way of putting it, often used in the NYC/Westchester area
"Mike gained like 20 pounds in 2 weeks he must be on some sauce, he's jacked!"
автор: Marii 10 марта 2005
20 72
Chi Town, used mainly as a verb. used to describe falshy or "tight" clothing.
Yo d, those kicks has sum killa sauce
автор: C Thug 1 декабря 2004
3 55
when something is really awesome
Yo man that catch by T.O. was fuckin sauce
автор: Credo 4 сентября 2004
10 62
very good, amazing.
The tv show friends is sauce
автор: Jamie mitchell 28 февраля 2004
17 69
semen; love juice
I just busted my sauce all over that hoe with the fat ass.
автор: JCS Bricks 12 декабря 2003
92 144
Sauce, apart from meaning the tomato ketchup etc, means CHEEK.
Thats all, no gay stuff or anything else on here.
They rang up and told me that I'd won a prize then told me I would have to pay £100 for it, "WHAT A SAUCE".
автор: effp. 23 марта 2008
2 55
an adjective, describing somethin' as crazy awesome.
oh snaps, that shirt with the dolphin on it is straight sauce.
автор: Patrick Stolcke 3 апреля 2007
13 66