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Probably THE BEST war movie ever made. directed by none other than Stephen Spielberg himself and includes actors like Tom Hanks and Vin Diesel. The story revolves around a handful of soldiers who have just landed on Omaha beach and are sent to locate the last surviving member of the Ryan family ( a family of 4 brothers, 3 of them were killed at Omaha and the 4th one is the one they try to rescue). Along the way the team encounters various German patrols and outposts and the movie climaxes with a 1 hour city fight. this is the only movie which truly portrays war the way it really is. horryfing and brutal cinematography will keep you on the edge of your seat. definetely not for the squeamish. also includes a lot emoitional scenes. the movie fills the viewer with pity and remorse for the poor bastards who fought in world war 2. this movie definetely does not promote war and those people who say it does definitely have not seen it.
If you haven't seen "Saving Private Ryan" then get off your ass and rent it.
автор: Scur 11 мая 2006
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A term used to specify the great lengths men will go to, to obtain a booty call or sexual interaction. Often a build up of testosterone will induce shaking, abusive outburts and aggresion, causing the male to feel the need to satisfy his urges. In utter desperation the male will say/do anything in his power to ensure his 'soldier' gets some front line action, rather than withering away at home.
Phone Convo
Guy:Hey baby can i come over?
Girl: Oh i just dont think its a good time...
Guy: But, but, i'll make it worth your while...I'll do anything!
Girl: I dunno, do you just want sex?
Guy: No baby no way! i wouldnt do that..I..<gulp>..I love you!
Guy's roommate (in background): Bro pull yourself together! you gona regret saving private ryan tomorrow!
автор: Olive Leaf 21 апреля 2008

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