An extremely gay trend sweeping our nation. It consists of posers who for some reason think it's cool to be illiterate and act dumb. They often talk about "dinos" and think it's cool to say "balls" and "crunk" and "hxc!". They usually end words with "z's" (ex: ballz). Also, they will give a word many extra letters that are unnecessary. (ex: heeeey whatssss upppp?) Plus, they have a very lame sense of style. Their style consists of shirts with obscenities written on them or a robot or dino or lightening bolts. Either way, it all sucks. They are the reason hot topic is corrupt these days and filled with gay crap like "invader zim" or "domo". It's quite annoying, actually. They like to say that they are original but they aren't because everyone else has been doing this same trend much longer than them. They also like to say they hate stereotypes but then they create it for themselves. Haha. They wear "cruuunk jewelry" that they find at claire's. It's usually dumb beads that are of neon color. They swear that they are the coolest people around but they are so oblivious to the world they can't see that they are SO ANNOYING and people hate them. The girls are usually dykes and have short nasty looking hair with very poorly cut choppy hair. Or, it's very long and they are what I call "prep-scene". This is a branch off of normal scene kids, taken over by preps. They are obsessed with all of the same things a normal scene kid is, but they also have a weird obsession with peace. It's not like they actually care about a cause, they just think it's cool to use a a fashion trend. A lot of scene people constantly act as if they are unsure of what their sexuality is. They say one day they are bi, then the next day, they're gay. Suddenly, they're straight. They will do anything for attention and are myspace whores. They are also whores in general sucking any dick or pussy in sight. (They don't know their sexuality, remember?) For an odd reason, they assume it's cool to have random outbursts such as screaming "MEEP!" "OMFG!", etc. They add tons of people they've never met on myspace just because they are "sceeeene kidz, yo!". Their myspace's are so irritating and filled with random pictures of dinos, alex evans, vampires, etc. They often post bulletins on myspace telling people everything that has happened in their lives as if they want someone to be jealous when no one cares. They are annoying fools that are attention cravers and honestly need a life.
Person One:Lyyyykeeee omfgz! I saw this new movie today and I was like- (interrupted)

Person Two:RaaWWWWR!

Person One:OMFGEEZE totaLLY cruuunk!

Person Two:We're Scene Kids!!!!!
автор: ihatethescene 20 марта 2009
In simple terms, colorful emo kids who think they're amazing.
Kiki Kannibal is a total fucking Scene kid.
автор: Macdaddy41 22 августа 2007
A scene kid is a recent trend or style among teens spawned from a blend of the sub-genres punk and emo. A scene kid can be a boy or girl and generally tends to wear bright and often fluorescent colours and displays some of these typical scene kid attributes:

• Wears excessive makeup, most commonly bright eye liner and eye shadow
• Prefer going to parks then socializing in town or cinemas
• Guys BMX
• Girls wear clourful tight fit jeans, buys wear black skinny fit jeans
• They wear bandanas
• They wear band t-shirts
• Girls wear converse and guys wear high nike trainers or a skating brand such as Etnies or DC
• Some wear tight, brightly coloured nylon jackets

• Get offended when you call them an emo as they are often mistaken as one
• Use proper English and correct grammar when making text or comment on myspace
• When they think a guy/girl is hot they comment “sexy/hot much?”
• They hug whenever they see each other
• Get drunk often and go to numerous raves
• Adore glow sticks
• Constantly put an exclamation mark at the end of their sentences
• Use the smilies =], =) and never the traditional
• Use the (Y) symbol on site which don’t support smiley’s
• They wear lots of accessories
• They wear hoodies, and bags with bright stars and crazy patterns
• They wear flat peak hats, tight black shirt and clothes intended for members of the opposite sex
• They like graffiti
• They like school
• Wear t-shirts with the word rave written on or make music, not war
• Pierce their face, most commonly in the lips or have large piercing in their ears
• Talk about how gangsta they are in a mocking way
• They class the bands they listen to in crazy genres eg. Psychedelic techno pop rock
• Has an obsession with either, anime, hello kitty, pokemon or spongebob square pants
• Boasts about how nerdy they think they are
• Wear white belts with big buckles
• Shop at TOPMAN/TOPSHOP, River Island and H&M
• Deny being a scene kid and complain about how labeling is so gay and others should not judge them. They often claim they are unique
• They have black or blonde choppy hair which is always straight and never symmetrical
• Have more than one colour in their hair. Eg blonde, red, or green if they think they’re really cool
• Tend to be vegetarian or vegan and boast about it
• Listen to nu rave, indie, hip hopsuch as Klaxons, Hadouken, Foals, Enter Shikari etc
• They listen to hip hop and advertise it to try and prove to everyone else they are not emo
• Try and distinguish themselves as being different because they claim to like bands they think other people their age don’t like like McFly or Busted
• Claim they listen to a lot more music then they do
• Say they love a certain band when they have only heard one of their songs
• Can be commonly seen at gigs
• Spends a great deal of their free time customizing their myspace, regularly adding new photoshopped pictures of themselves often in outrageous camera angles that don’t include their whole face.
• Other stereotypical pictures may include them making the shape of a heart with their hands or with writing on some part of their body saying something about love. Girls also take closeup pictures of their eyes with ridiculously complex patterns of makeup.
• Includes numerous quotes from films and music lyrics on their myspace to try and express their true feelings
• They favour Myspace to bebo
• Has over 500 friends on myspace and is desperate to have more constantly
• Pretends not to care about myspace
• They think they’re quirky and weird
• Claim/Pretend to care about animals and be part of PETA
• Girls wear polka dot clothes
• Love photography
• Have lots of sleepovers

The male species of Scene like to make out with each other not because they are gay but for attention. when called gay they retort and call the person homophobic!!!

Laura: I'm so not a scene kid, I'm just unique and your just a conforming asshole. I'm going to my friend Josie's sleepover in my brightly coloured clothes so we can get drunk on WKD an talk about how much we love hello kitty and Hadouken. Yeah anime FTW

Adam:Frickin Scene kid
автор: Little.Fuzzy.Man.Peach 28 января 2008
Scene Guys:
Short Choppy Hair
White Belts
Big Buckles
Black Shirts OR Band Tees
Frequently Seen At Shows
Ska Shoes OR Vans
Eyeliner Is Common
Krew Pants OR Girl pants
Piercings. Usually Lip
Likes girls= Half right.

Scene Girls:
Short Choppy Hair OR Long VERY Straight Hair
Tight Pants
Piercings. Usually Lip
White Belts
Big Buckles
Black Shirts OR Band Tees
Frequently Seen At Shows
Ska Shoes OR Vans
{Person 1} Is that a SCENE KID?
{Person 2} How many myspace pictures?
{Person 1} Like 16 dude.
{Person 2} Yepp. Angles?
{Person 1} Angles????
{Person 2} Yes. Myspace pictures taken at angles no showing their complete face duhh.
{Person 1} Is that a SCENE KID then?
{Person 2} YESS!
автор: JMarieBz 15 мая 2006
Scene kids are the shit!
The guys wear: tight chick pants, tight band shirts, T.U.K. shoes sometimes, rite-aid slip-on shoes, sometimes eyeliner, they have black or bleach blonde hair, and bangs in their face
The girls wear: tapered pants, bright shirts, many layers of shirts, a lot of pearls, a lot of eyeliner, bright eyeshadow, T.U.K. shoes, ballet flats, mostly rite-aid slip-ons vans slip ons, little girl hair clips, long choppy bleach blonde hair, short black and bleach blonde hair, both with bangs that are in their face
and most often they dye and cut their own hair
They listen to the best music that they LIKE for real. They live for shows, local or not it doesn't matter they like the music they'll be there. And they love to mosh so be careful. They make up words and call everyone kid, they are in love with dinosaurs, robots, and ninjas, oh and myspace. They use cool words like rad. They are often vegetarian or vegan.
In their myspace pictures you can never see there face and their pictures are always photoshopped
You cannot give an example of wha a scene kid says they may dress similar and use some of the same words but they are all different
автор: scenexcore 15 марта 2006
In a post-modern, 21st century society, young people (though more specifically those entangled in the sheep-like, doppelganger-esque dimension of popular "youth culture") adhere to a supposedly "non-conformist", free thinking and liberated way of life, which often manifests itself - most predictably - through tastes in both music and fashion related arenas.

More recently in the new millennia, "Scene kids" (or "cool kid wastrels" as I like to think of them) exemplify this inherently boring, self-important, sheep-like, doppelganger-esque, stylistic postmodernity that has been rife throughout the long and tediously dull history of the forever vacuous "popular youth culture" virus of modern times. Many suffers will try desperately hard not to conform to any type of social norm, be it grammatically (see ironically friendless bebo network users for vomit stifling examples of //graMM&tical x. n0n conf0rmitty] or through their pathological obsession with an emotionally bipolar variation of self pity, self love and unremorseless yammerings about some obscure nu rave German techno they've discovered whilst masturbating ferociously over a old spaghetti stained copy of NME.

The majority of "scene kids" genuinely subscribe to the flawed notion that a) they are infact "cool", unique and/or "non-conformist" in any such a way, and b) that anyone cares about anything they ever like, do or say. No amount of obscure, avantguard pretentiousness or protestation will ever change that fact.

Whilst one would hope that systematic evolution changes these lesser individuals for the better, it is perhaps more likely that the effects of Social Darwinism will be the their eventual downfall.
For "Scene kids" See Bebo or Myspace.
автор: Brad.T 26 апреля 2007
A sub-culture revolution against the hackneyed, slutty pop-rap macroculture and the mundane culture and fashion of the banal. The imagined "scene" receives a lot of hatred from both of these young-adult to early-adult audiences because they have developed a paranoid belief that everyone who dresses to fit a particular style (of black-dyed hair and tight pants) must be contriving against them and making fun of the aesthetic unappealing nature of their looks (of which they are almost definitely self-aware). But the "scene" is imagined; and that is the greatest victory and the tragedy of the scene kids... every idiot hates them because they are too obtuse to understand that they're just like every other confused adolescent attempting to gain some sense of identity.
there is no need for an example, scene kids
автор: suha-ha 17 октября 2005
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