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A descriptive word to desribe something bad. Also meaning the oppostie of utopia. Utopias are good, shitopia is bad.
I just came in from the rain and my hair looks like complete shitopia.

Stop dancing you look like shitopia.

I feel like shitopia.

You look like complete shitopia.
автор: Playa Playaaaaa 2 декабря 2009
A dystopia mistaken for a utopia. A fool's paradise, or a hell on Earth. The worst of all possible worlds. A place only the depraved would think of as heaven, like a pig in shit.
Hollywood is a shitopia for borderline personalities.
автор: wondertrash 2 сентября 2009
a very filthy place.
Kathmandu is a shitopia.
автор: uttam maharjan 28 октября 2010