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Pronounced sm-eeb
1. A childish person without any awareness of in general anything, not technically retarded yet sometimes acts in such a manner.
2. A young person with very thick glasses or a large nose (both if applicable) esp.if small or with red hair.
3. A n00b
That kid is such a smeeb!

You stupid SMEEB!

автор: Sudders 27 сентября 2007

Слова, связанные с Smeeb

beliebers childish glasses hellllo n00b noob nose smeebs smibe smilers ugly
Smeebs are defined as male breasts. when a male has breats loking things.they can also be called, bitch tits, man boobs and other names
"wow the fat guy has huge smeebs!!!"
автор: hye rlr 17 марта 2005