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A person who enjoys eating their own snots
You are a fucking repulsive snot-gobbler, I can't bear to see you sucking snots all day, you cunt.
автор: Edna Sweetlove 25 сентября 2006

Слова, связанные с Snot-gobbler

bogey-muncher booger-slurper nose-drip-licker nose-picker snot-eater
A insult directed to a person (you believe) to be of lower class or status. Someone for whom perhaps the swallowing of snot is challenging enough occupation alone.
"Get away from my car you snot gobbling little shit bag!"

or as an affectionate term of greeting: "Alright snot gobbler?"
автор: rojodelosaltos 11 февраля 2005
arse licker, sycophant
only a snotgobbler like Robert could have promoted so fast.
автор: poodlewrestler 26 июня 2003
Someone with the propensity for sucking a person's face during the act of depraved sex.
Petulantpixie snotgobbled his face whilst bringing him to climax.
автор: magic.hands 18 ноября 2004