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When a man ejaculates into a woman's nose, and she then sneezes the load on to another's face.
Sarah snow balled mike's load on to austins face at the party last night
автор: Daddy_Dollar 9 ноября 2013
2 2
A guy puts a small spoonful of ice cream in a girls pussy, and then has sex with her, with the ice cream inside her.
I just vanilla snowballed that chick.
автор: RushFan1 28 апреля 2013
8 9
Otherwise known as Ryan Lee Howe. A small albino homo from caboolture. Closely linked to the alternate use if the term snowball where two or more people pass cum back and forth between their mouths
Ryan Howe has snowballed so much, he is one.
автор: Mounted cunted 30 мая 2013
1 3
Snow, formed to make a ball.
let's have a SNOWBALL FIGHT.
автор: w00tster 2 июня 2005
63 68
Larval form of a snowman, a derogatory term for whites.
Look at those Packlings, Niglets, Halflings and Snowballs feeding the Ducklings together while the parents (Packies, Niggers, Inter racial couple and Snowmen respectively) argue matters of race, so steeped in antiquity that no one alive even remembers now...
автор: Badgerpower 16 февраля 2012
8 15
An Eighth of cocaine. originates from weighting of skunk, 8 ball.
joe did a snowball to himself last night
автор: Westysak 27 апреля 2009
12 20
A kind of ecstacy tablet. The tablet is white in colour and has rounded edges.
I took two snowballs last night.
автор: Colin Mac 1 октября 2006
38 47