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The act of successfully leaving the bed while someone else is sleeping in it.
After a wonderful nights sleep she arose and snunk out.
автор: gudday 11 ноября 2010
4 1
A period of time where two people hug, snuggle and embrace each other.
"Manuel is so sweet, we had snunks all through the movie."
автор: intheoryipredict 31 августа 2008
1 1
A mispronunciation of the word "skunk" with an equivalent meaning. Its first known use was at the Santa Clause Parade in Toronto around 1990 when a youngster's speech habits generated much lulz.
Oh no, watch out, it's a deadly deadly snunk! If you get close it might spray you!
автор: snunkmasterflex 9 июля 2012
0 1
1. sexy naked drunk
2. exteremly sick drunk
1. danng that girl was hellla snunk last night....she had me hella sprung
2. dont you dare get snunk in my car
автор: shaniqua razzzz 1 октября 2006
3 5