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The spartans were a group of elite warriors from ancient greece, located on the island province of Sparta.
Spartan warriors are trained from infancy to be nothing but soldiers. They are to be perfect in every respect and aspect of war, and nothing else. Weaklings perish soon after birth; youth are taught to thieve and terrorize the slave class to harden them; young men are taught to nothing unless it has something to do with the arts of war - Even music and dance are tehre only to help keep step when marching and obeying orders. The result is a man who thinks nothing of danger, expects to win, and creates a sense of dread in his opponents.

Spartans fight in the traditional fashion of the hoplites, carrying a long thrusting spear and a large round hoplon shield. They, like the hoplites, were known to form a formation called a phalanx (A close packed mass of men moving as one to crush their enemies)

There have been both a movie and graphic novel based on the most notable spartan accomplishment in written history.

300 spartan warriors (the personal guard of the spartan republic's current king Leonidas), held back the entire Persian army (massing up to 30.000) in a single tactical position, popularily called a "bottlehead". Eventually, after having held the persian army off for multiple days, devestating the persian morale, they died a martyr death. The martyr death was, without a question, a tactical move. After the death of King Leonidas and his men, all of greece united and fought back the persian army.
Imagine the terror inflicted on the Persian army as they saw 10.000 battle-ready spartans on the march, in regards to what a mere 300 had done.
автор: Daniel N. Nilssen 8 июня 2004
Mechanically and biologically augmented super-soldiers created by the UNSC that exist in the Halo universe. The SPARTAN-II program began in 2517. Candidates for the SPARTAN-II project were orphaned children. The SPARTAN-IIs quickly became the UNSC's most effective weapon in the battle against the Insurrectionists. When the war with the Covenant Empire broke out, SPARTAN-IIs were equipped with the most advanced mechanized armor to deal with the aliens. The Insurrectionist movement and the war with the Covenant spurred Colonel Ackerson to spearhead the SPARTAN-III project. The purpose of the SPARTAN-III project was to create cheaper, more expendable Spartans at a faster rate. SPARTAN-IIIs were intended for extremely high-risk operations with a high level of secrecy. Once again the Spartans would be taken from orphanages and trained from the age of 6. Throughout the Human-Covenant War, 3 companies of SPARTAN-IIIs would be deployed, one of which became trapped in the Shield World with the SPARTAN-II Blue team after the Battle of Onyx. The SPARTAN-IV project was initiated by Admiral Parangosky after the Human-Covenant War, but instead of children, volunteers from the UNSC were used. Some of the SPARTAN-IVs were stationed on the UNSC Infinity where they participated in several engagements. Throughout all of the SPARTAN projects, the UNSC lists any casualties as MIA or WIA to enforce the belief that Spartans cannot be killed.
Master Chief is one of the only remaining active SPARTAN-IIs.
автор: hott_butsecs1337 27 августа 2014
A sexual position where the women is riding a man during intercourse, and right before the man has an orgasm he yells "This is Spartaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!" and kicks the women off the bed.
"After seeing the movie 300, I gave my wife a Spartan"
автор: Chim Ridgles 24 марта 2007
To totally devote yourself to one purpose. To be self-deprived, undaunted, courageous, and to be willing to give your life without hesistation
The man shown spartan qualities by facing all of his foes alone.
автор: Bruce 8 июля 2004
A player or supporter of Blyth Spartans, the North East's premier non-league football team (soccer for all you who believe that football involves wearing huge amounts of padding and armour and throwing the ball)

Blyth Spartans got to the 5th round of the FA Cup in 1978, a feat since equalled, but never beaten. Now in the "Conference North" , they are the highest placed team in the North east of England's non league pyramid.

Chants of "Harry Dunn's green and white army" and "we are Blyth, we are Blyth, we are Blyyyyyyth" often accompany the Spartan army in their travels around the country.

Local rivals include cock knockers Gateshead, who are supported by a bunch of wannabe mackems south of the River Tyne.
"Come on Spartans", "Hawaaaaaay Spartans" or just "Hawaaaaay Blyth"
автор: Dowager Duchess of Newsham 2 октября 2006
Super Warriors much like spartans (see spartan ) used to help the humans in the Human-Covenant war (see Covenant numbers 3. 4. 5.)Recently used to destroy Halo number 3.)
The SPARTANs were trained on Reach. A few of them have Survived
after the Covenant attack.
автор: Justin Hoskinson 24 июня 2005
Sarcastic remark that on the surface appears very masculine buti s truly gay. Fact: Older Spartans often had anal sex with the younger, not quite soldier, spartans. Then when they would go off and battle they would fuck each other.
Don't ask don't tell is Spartan.
Brokeback mountain is Spartan.
Long hunting trips are Spartan.
автор: Legbah 5 февраля 2008
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