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One who enjoys exploring cavernous regions and rustic encampments.
Joey is such a spelunker - kids fuckin up in tha caverns 24/7
автор: Jimmy Williams 29 апреля 2003
The act of inserting ones head into the vaginal opening of a female companion.
Luis- "Damn, I heard Sally is really loose"
Anand- "Yeah, I think Mike should give her the spelunker"
автор: JustSomeGuy2 6 ноября 2007
Someone who is prone to sticking his penis in other peoples caves.
damn that rush is a spelunker
автор: fx 12 августа 2004
1) One who explores caves
2) One who enjoys giving oral sex to women
Peter is such an obsessed spelunker.
автор: Narog 20 августа 2004
One who enjoys
автор: Anonymous 29 апреля 2003
According to Lincoln, it's some kind of caveman.
That spelunker just ate a mammoth.
автор: Tom Jones 11 декабря 2003