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Styling; looking chic, possibly gaudy ina positive way.
Shilo: Look at these sparkly shoes!
Kate: Wow! those are spiffin'!
автор: Kayla Pape 8 декабря 2003

Слова, связанные с Spiffin'

spiffilicious spifforiffic spifftastic spiffulous spifty
a wrod to say when something is VERy cool. it fills in the blank;
there are other forms too: spiff, spiffy, spifferific, spiffulous, spiffacious, spifferoo
I played the pants game!
автор: IDidntHaveOne 4 апреля 2003
when my oldest of homies wants to get all victorian on my ass he whips out a bitta spiffin stylEE! like spiffin' and blows all us new skoolaz away!
>in croaky, mr burnz stylEE grill< dat ho my bro is proper spiffin'! whack-ed!
автор: michael clarke 4 мая 2004