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When a male has "got it goin' on". In other words, he's got the entire package- looks, smarts, skills, killer personality, everything.
Girl 1: "I met a boy thats hot, going to Northwestern and loves to cook. Too good to be true, he must be gay or something."

Girl 2: "I dunno Northwestern boys are usually preeetttyy stabbed...."
автор: brucewaynebrady 9 июля 2011

Слова, связанные с Stabbed

stab shank stabbing knife kill cut murder poke sex death shanked shiv shoot fuck blood jab back pain wound hurt
What will happen to you in inner city dublin if you don't wear a 'burberry' jumper, or tuck your tracksuit bottoms into your socks
ey! mista'r, gis yar wallit, ar i'll get ya stabbed!
автор: OhDaveyBoy 20 мая 2005