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the act of taking passing marijuana from one person in a drug deal to another but taking a small amount for yourself.
hey take some for the superman
автор: urbansuburban 29 мая 2012
1 1
takin whatever remainder of a blunt and hitting it excessively then swallowing the entire blunt, lit and all
The cops were about to pull us over so i had no choice but to superman the blunt


i got bet 5 bucks i wouldnt superman that blunt, now i got a brand new one for free!
автор: StrongestSafety 20 октября 2010
10 10
The Superman is a sex position, where a guy has sexual intercourse with a girl, doggy style, and bends the girl forward while he reaches over her shoulders to plant his hands on the floor, supporting his weight, while his legs are sticking straight out. The posture has the man resembling a flying Superman.
The Superman position was out long before that Souljah boy garbage got everyone confused as to what it actually does mean to "Superman that ho".
автор: Wizard Toast 3 октября 2010
11 11
The greatest superhero. His only weakness, "kryptonite", doesn't really exist therefore he is invincible. It has been said that he functions regularly in society under the alias, "Mago". It goes without question that he is much cooler than batman and any other hero.
random person: "Woah! You really are Superman."

Superman: "Yes, and I'm much cooler than that pansy, batman."
автор: Mago7 21 апреля 2011
5 7
a person who is exceptionally athletic, tall, good looking....pretty much perfect.
Man that guy is superman!
автор: hkfb6977 21 марта 2010
25 27
A superhero who wears undergarment outside...!
lady1: hahahaha look at that crazy guy he wore his underwear outside!!!!;))))))

lady2 : hahahahaha just like superman :))))))))))))
автор: the crazy man...!! 3 ноября 2011
1 4
When a Man or Women cums on their mates back and put the bed sheet on their back. Thus making them, when they get up to chase you, look like Superman.
Danielle got mad a Joey for cumming on her while she slept, while they where running through the house Joey noticed she looked like SUPERMAN with the bed sheet stuck on her back from the cum.
автор: Jolly Giant Leprachuan 24 марта 2010
10 13