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a smelly sweaty hairy VAGina that nasty chicks like my girlfriend get more than often
a french whorehouse
автор: cynical satan 30 ноября 2003
21 10
A dirty, sweaty vagina that is potentially also moistened by arousal but not always. Swampvag usually occurs in girls who haven't showered or had sex and didn't clean up afterward. It's most noticeable in rooms with little to no ventilation and on hot days.
"It smells like fish and BO in here, what is that!?!?"
"I think that girl has swampvag..."
автор: QuailMan85 9 сентября 2011
3 0
When a girl forgets to change her tampon for too long a time, thus producing a seriously rank odor.
Ugh, I've been so busy I've got swamp vag.
автор: LahDeeDah 22 августа 2007
9 6