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Big boobs or big clothed boobs.
I'd like to take a peek at her sweater cows.
автор: rocketman 30 января 2005
breasts. usually referring to a female wearing a sweater.
that girl has huge sweater cows.
автор: hank scorpio 19 ноября 2003
Fun toys located underneath a sweater.
Damn, G, look at Jane's sweater cows!
автор: Cory Feldman 25 июня 2008
huge titties!
guy 1: check out juggy mcbigjugs over there eh!
guy 2: yep, dems some sweater cows up in here boy, yessiree mother fucka
автор: juggy mcnippleton 24 марта 2011
Usually referring to big boobs in a tight sweater.
Did you see those sweatercows on that girl!Yeah I thought her sweater was gonna break open.
автор: Sup wid dat 7 февраля 2006