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the most FUCKING AWESOME emo band in the world... best lyrics... best sound!!! hott lead singer with the best voice ever!!!!
"taking back sunday kicks ass!!"
автор: cute without the E 19 февраля 2005
62 60
A kickass band from Long Island, New York. Also stereotyped as 'emo' by MTV. Also, their frontman Adam is known for his habit of swinging his mic around his neck during live performances.
omg dude taking back sunday is an orgasm to my ears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
автор: kevin oh 8 августа 2007
11 10
Taking Back Sunday is NOT emo.

Christ. Hawthorne Heights is fucking emo. not Taking Back Sunday.

go listen to "Louder Now" ....nope I hear no emo.
Taking Back Sunday = amazing ALTERNATIVE band.

Hawthorne Heights = whiny baby emo band. Their lover is in Ohio to get the fuck away from their emo ass.
автор: Katala 11 декабря 2006
31 30
The intent to take back the day that you should be for your free time.
Screw working weekends, I'm taking back Sundays
автор: shadowking300 6 марта 2013
0 0
New CD out now... Where You Want To Be

Your Best Bet
I thought it through and my worst brings out the best in you.
автор: Victory Records 18 августа 2004
63 65
Taking Back Sunday is back and they're even more fucking awesome
sickest band ever
автор: iLIVEforTBS 5 августа 2003
37 39
sweet as hell. and for once they're comming to jacksonville.... bas ass
i got the mic and you got the mosh pit
автор: Danni 23 октября 2003
43 46