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1. Place: The anti-world of the internet. Filled with dumb-fucks, spammers, cheaters, bots, noobs, and fakes.

2. Language: The (primary) language of teh internetz. Misspellings, and grammatical errors of the english language run rampant. When learning the language, it may help to bash your face into the keyboard between sentences.
John: I lost my way and ended up in teh internetz D:
Craig: LoL!1! tg ikk bde 5k Meh JusT @e a b@ge| XDXDXD
автор: Teh grammer freek ninjah 21 марта 2011

Слова, связанные с Teh Internetz

internet teh the internet bots cheaters dumb-fucks fakes generation internets noob noobs people spammers z
The language that killed my generation
ZOMG LOL da pic hacked meh mind lolraptor!!!1111
Teh Internetz iz awsome
автор: killeraucity 26 августа 2009