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When one person takes a diarrhea dump in another person's mouth.
That ain't no cleavland steamer, its a fucking texas mudslide!
автор: Chiz Dick 6 июля 2009

Слова, связанные с Texas Mudslide

chaw boston steamer bust chew cleavland steamer fetish jizz rocket shit spitter steamer swag
The act of ejaculating in the face of a woman then immediately proceding to spit some chaw in her face as well.

Commonly done by men that are true beauties, all stars, champs, or overall wheelshows.

Any poser performing this act must be the victim of a Texas Mudslide while being chirped viciously by his superiors.
How was your night with that rocket" "Oh! It was great! Bitch gave me dome then I gave her a texas mudslide in return"
автор: SwaggerJacks 7 июня 2011