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1. That's the one
2. That's brilliant!
1. "Is that it?"
"Yeah, that's the badger"
2. "How was the party?"
"It was just the badger!"
автор: satania 9 апреля 2005

Слова, связанные с Thats the Badger

badger be good that's the badger top man word
Saying to point out someting that is totally correct
*James points out car i was on about without knowing the name*

I reply Thats the Badger
автор: UnShavenMonkey 17 марта 2005
Phrase to express satisfaction
"Eyago mate, there's your pie and chips - with a extra portion of pie"

"ahh, that's the badger!"
автор: friend of steve middleton, the pioneer of this phrase 28 сентября 2006