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When u grab your sack and squeeze forcing your balls to go tight against the skin, causeing THE BRAIN!!!
автор: J-dawg 1 января 2005
590 59
the grabbing around the top of a mans balls, creating two lumps, thus "the brain"
I was going to eat that 3 bean soup, until Nick gave me the brain.
автор: NickX901 17 апреля 2006
182 62
A super-smart talking mouse from cartoon animaniacs.

Do they still make that show? I haven't seen it on TV in the last seven years.
Pinky and the brain, Pinky and the brain, one is a genius, the others' insane!
автор: Gumba Gumba 8 апреля 2004
197 82
the art of grasping the top of your ballsack and squeezing the testes outwards until your little friends resemble a brain.
I cant believe Bobby gave you the brain last night, disgusting!
автор: chuckles09 30 мая 2007
105 29
Grab your balls very tightly so that they squeeze together forming the image of....a brain. Then show it to another straight male and call him a fag and kick him in the ass twice.
Male 1: (pulls out testicals and squeezes them together) "hey Male 2, look over here."

Male 2: (looks) "AWWW DUDE!!!"

Male 1: "THE BRAINS!!!! OMG you are such a FAG!! BEND OVER."
автор: Jiub 1 июня 2006
19 8
Word used to describe a highly annoying per who knows everthing, or rather thinks they know everything. Will even dispute what a person of higher knowledge is saying
Sally: The sky is blue

Helen: I think you will actually find it's red, thats a fact

John: Typical of The Brain...
автор: John6690 31 января 2008
15 48
a slang term for oral sex
Them sluts on da corner are gettin brain
автор: D 16 марта 2005
61 172