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Local Sorority founded at Shippensburg University in 1966. The hottest, craziest, most down to earth and wildest party girls ever. If you're out with a Theta Kappa, you probably won't remember your night, but it'll be the best damn one of your life.
It's 4:00am and those girls are the only ones not passed out, they've gotta be Theta Kappa's.
автор: madman10 3 марта 2009

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kappa shippensburg university sorority theta 2 keg tuesday greek hott ok shippensburg
These girls are basically frat guys, you can find them out on almost any given night of the week with a bottle in one hand and a beer in the other. by far the hottest, chillest, most kick ass sorority girls.
"its tuesday night, what's there to do.."
"2 keg tuesday at theta kappa!!"
автор: ship07 10 марта 2009